Start Ups


Our CFOs will build your initial roadmap to success. Define your sales strategy, market penetration and capacity. Answer questions about when to hire, when to finance and how to better manage cash flow. Finally and most importantly at this stage, help you understand your eventual exit strategy.

  • OpenWork with you to develop your business plan and establish the initial budget, product (or service) life cycle, define your cash needs and establish credibility
  • Review transactions, advise on best practices and cash flow
  • Prepare periodic financial statements and projections
  • Meet regularly with you to define and redefine your strategy based on actual trends as they are developing
  • Work with you to define your funding needs and strategy. Who best fits your needs? They will be by your side during the entire vetting and negotiation process and get you the funding you need to move to the next stage

From Start up to Funding and Emerging Growth Stages, it’s never too early to hire a qualified CFO.

Business success is akin to that old saying, “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail”. No matter what size your business and where you are in your business life cycle, you can afford to hire a CFO.