Mature Business Development

MAtureAt this stage you take on many more issues that bog you down and keep you from what you do best, grow your business. Our CFOs take the financial worry off your plate so that you can move your business forward.

  • Our team flexes with your business. We will continue to support all of your back office needs with a capable team that is managed by us
  • At this point, we will work with you to revisit your exit strategy and help you understand how your business is valued and timing for eventual exit. Remember an eventual exit could be a true sale to a Private Equity Buyer, Strategic Partner, Family member, doing a public offering or just retirement
  • We will guide you with modeling growth strategies either through organic growth, merger with another entity, acquisition or combination
  • We will manage all due diligence and assist with buyer/seller negotiation
  • If you exit through a sale process, our team with take care of all the back office integration with the buyers team